DPL platinum series

• ambient temperature: 25°C
• inlet air pressure: 7 bar
• relative humidity: 35%
• dew point: Class 4 (ISO 8573-1)


please refer to datasheet

Included: No Loss Drain

Up to 90% energy savings with the new DPL (dryer platinum) range

Over 35% of a dryer’s life cycle cost is the energy it consumes. To cut energy costs, we offer compressed air dryers with DPL refrigeration with variable speed working cycle (Inverter). The DPL range entails significant savings, reducing the consumption of energy that produces fuels and protecting the environment for future generations.

How it works

Companies have a fluctuating demand for air, which is why we have been pioneers of inverter technology coupled with a dryer, to ensure that your processes receive the required air at the required time. This ensures that the dryer is not using more energy than necessary, effectively reducing energy consumption to over 90%

Main features are:
• All Features already present on the DGO series
• Variable speed compressor from 20% to 110% of the capacity
• Energy accumulation function with compressor OFF with load lower than 20%
• Variable speed fan
• Touch screen control panel