DGO gold series

• ambient temperature: 25°C
• inlet air pressure: 7 bar
• dew point: Class 4 (ISO 8573-1)


please refer to data-sheet

Optional: No Loss drain

ATS wants to introduce in the market a high-efficiency, high-reliability and energy save machines with the gold series. The new and innovative electronic board, developed by our technical department, allows to control the entire machine functionality, from the simplest to the most complex functions, such as hard alarms (high and low temperature).

• reduced energy consumption thanks to a careful selection of components and management by electronic board
• low pressure drop in its category thanks to the heat exchanger made of aluminum with a mixing chamber (ATS patent) that allows the air mixing and thus increasing the exchanger yield while reducing the pressure drop at a minimum
• dew point maintained stable at 3°C under any conditions of use thanks to the work carried out simultaneously by both the electronic board and heat exchanger with high efficiency
• gold series are suitable for small and large-scale businesses
• DGO dryers are equipped with electronic drain or programmable timer according to needs and requirements
• any other type of intelligent drain evailable upon request
• the only dryer on the market with a thermal protection switch on every model