For decades ATS s.r.l. (air treatment solution) has worked in partnerhsip with company leaders in the compressed air’s world. In a little more than 10 years, ATS has become one of the leading companies at global level for the production of air dryers, filters and accessories for compressed air treatment.
In 2013, the company launched its brand, positioning itself at the forefront of the international (or global) market.
ATS products provide quality, flexibility, reliability and respect for the environment. We distinguish ourselves for the multi-year experience of our staff and the intermediate and medium and long-term quality controls performed with state-of-the art technologies.
Using competence and passion, the company designs, develops and markets an extensive range of products for compressed air treatment.
ATS listens, understands and satisfies its customers’ needs.
On an equal footing with economic growth, ATS main priorities are focused on sustainable development as well as the the protection of and the respect for the environment and energy resources, the main goals are the protection of and the respect for the environment and the energy resources, like economic productvity and growth. To meet the demanding requirements of high-tech markets, as well as the most recent eU directives, ATS constantly invests in development of the innovative technologies finalized to the performance of its products, in terms of energy saving and reduction of environmental pollution.
ATS is an expert in the treatment of compressed air.
The production is based in Italy, near Verona where the R&D department, the warehouse, the production and servicing of special machines are located, and in Thailand, where there is the production of machines mostly targeted to Asian market. The volume of production output is 10,000 air dryers per year with the possibility of further increasing this benchmark to 20000 pieces.
In Italy ATS sells through a comprehensive network of sales agents. Although ATS sells branded products with different names all over the world, nevertheless its main market remains in europe where ATS sells most of the products.
Currently ATS produces a wide range of air dryers 24-16.800 m3/h and a complete range of filters and accessories for compressed air.
Our technical offices are ready to satisfy any requests, both for standard as well as customized solutions, in compliance with the latest EU directives, and offering new and innovative solutions to optimize the performance of our products, in terms of energy saving and reduction of the environmental pollution.
The ATS quality management system complies with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard - Quality Management Systems - to guarantee the effectiveness and efficiency of the products-services.