ATS provides a wide range of products for the cooling of industrial fluid and compressed air treatment, efficiency and high performance to meet your application needs.
This range designed by ATS for individual and integrated solutions includes:

• The Tungsten Series CTW (air / water exchangers) with cooling capacity 3 kW.
• The Silver Series CTW with cooling capacity from 1.1 to 3.9 kW.
• The Gold Series CGW with cooling capacity from 5,6 to 500 kW.
• The Gold Series CGO (oil cooling) with cooling capacity from 3.7 to 13 kW.Ideal for cooling thanks to the circulation of water or antifreeze mixture in closed circuit designed to ensure superior reliability, high efficiency and the possibility to manage accurately the chilled fluid. The chiller profit by the work of one or more refrigeration compressors. It consists of a refrigerating circuit and a hydraulic circuit. The refrigerant gas flows in the first circuit, and water in the second. The two circuits without ever getting into direct contact will lead to the exchange of heat in the evaporation. Evaporation of the refrigerant gas will then absorbs heat in the water. From these processes, water that comes out from the chiller will bet at the temperature required by the user.

The cooling of the oil is needful in the plastic manufacturing processes, in the sector of machine tools and cutting machines, or more generally in the presence of any hydraulic circuit. The reliability and the possibility of adapting the cooling systems to the single industrial application are key factors in order to guarantee the quality and continuity of production and optimization of the process, reducing costs. Thanks to its excellent performance and robustness, the CGO series is the solution able to respond perfectly to specific industrial applications.