FGO gold series

• ambient temperature: 25°C
• working pressure: 7 bar
• Inlet air temperature: 20°C


please refer to data-sheet

The compressed air contains harmful solid, liquid and vaporous contaminants that can damage pneumatic equipment, control and instruments.
The removal of these contaminants is necessary to ensure equipment maintenance and keep the production operations efficient.

Normally compressed air contains high concentrations of dust, oil, moisture and other impurities.These contaminants can lead to high-maintenance costs and result in damage to equipment and finished products. Gold Filters FGO have been specifically designed to prevent these problems, by offering a wide range of filters for compressed air able to satisfy the most various industry needs.The secret of FGO Gold is the high efficiency of the elements which is able to offer a high capability of retention (99,999%) and very low pressure drops. The final result is an extremely purified compressed air and low operating costs.

• wide range of models and filtration level for every kind of industry application
• certified performances
•the body configuration, with an innovative design, able to reduce pressure drops assuring high energy savings
• increase of efficiency and reduction of productions stops
• reduction of maintenance costs
• tool and machinery protection


01. Differential pressure gauce
02. O-ring bowl seal
03. Diecasting aluminium housing chromated with polyester epoxy powder coating for corrosion resistance
04. Large capacity reservoir allow large condensate volume
05. Auto drain
06. Drainage layer
07. High efficiency filtration media
08. Support cylender

The differential pressure gauge shows the level of element saturation.
Separator body in aluminum, chromo phosphate and externally powder painted.
The closure provided by seal cannot be opened while the filter is under pressure, offering additional protection.
All filters are available with a complete accessories list: differential gauge, all kind of drains, as automatic, manual, timed, floting and the exclusive thermodinamic drain.The green loss (AGD) zero loss drain, completes the range of accessories for Gold filters.

In order to keep the compressed air quality standards, filter elements have to be replaced with original ATS elements every 6/12 months depending on ambient and compressor. The replacement of filter elements are fundamental to assure:

• the maintenance of high performances
• quality of compressed air in compliance with international standard
• low operating costs
• protection of components and process downstream. Omitted replacement of elements causes an increase of pressure drop through system and subsequently an increase of operating cost